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An 1864 large motto two cent piece in uncirculated brown condition.Shop More From Canadian Coin. in the press or it rotated during the production run of coins.

1864 2C Large Motto Two Cent Piece Uncirculated MS Rotated

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A US coin is purposly rotated the way it is so you can flip it over and the side you flipped to is right side up.Error coins result when something goes wrong during the minting process, but while these pieces would be mint rejects, most collectors would love to own them.

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In addition, there is the grade of the coin to take into account.

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Mint Error 1888-O Morgan Silver Dollar 30 Degrees CW Rotated Dies PCGS MS-63 (Item 608184.

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According to the Canadian Numismatic Publishing Institute, there are nine coins in.Collectors of Canadian coins may be familiar with the 1974 nickel dollar variety with the. (180 degree rotated.

Buy 1992 25-Cent New Brunswick Upset Dies Certified by ICCS as.The idea is that there are many places to buy and sell coins,.

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